NSF Graduate Fellowships – Updated (again)

Five Six¬†current or incoming EEB students were awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships or honorable mentions: Awards: Rachel Fovargue (Armsworth lab) Lauren Breza (Classen lab) Angela Chuang (incoming Riechert lab) Honorable mentions: Brian Looney (Matheny) Katie Massana (Schilling & O’Meara) Quentin […]

Multiple EEB members receive Chancellor’s Awards

The UT Chancellor’s Office gives annual awards to recognize “extraordinary achievements” for faculty, staff, students, and other members of the EEB community. EEB-associated members received a disproportionate number of awards, including half of the awards for community service: Gary McCracken […]

Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage April 23-27

The 63rd annual Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage is April 23 – 37. It is “an annual five-day event in Great Smoky Mountains National Park consisting of a variety of wildflower, fauna, and natural history walks, motorcades, photographic tours, art classes, and […]

R-Encyclopedia of Life interface

Research assistant professor Barb Banbury and assistant professor Brian O’Meara recently received funding from the Encyclopedia of Life for creating an R interface to parse information from that site. This can be used to identify phylogenetic trends in amount of […]

Identifying bat fuel

PhD student Jennifer Krauel (a Gary McCracken student) was recently funded by Bat Conservation International for her project, “Identifying insect communities fueling bat migration in an agriculturally important area”. Her project involves high throughput sequencing of bat guano to identify […]

Epigenetics and homosexuality

A recent paper by Bill Rice, Urban Fridberg, and UTK EEB faculty member Sergey Gavrilets, proposes that epigenetic factors, the switching on or off of genes by factors other than other genes, may lead to homosexuality. This work arises from […]