Gavrilets on NPR

Sergey Gavrilets is co-organizing a workshop on warfare this week at NIMBioS, called “Evolutionary approaches to the understanding of decentralized warfare.“He was recently interviewed on NPR because of the workshop.  Gavrilets’s  research on warfare has attracted other media attention in […]

Gavrilets Paper in Nature Communications

Sergey Gavrilets recently had paper on “altruistic bullies” come out in Nature Communications: The work has been discussed in Time Magazine: “Science Proves It: Greed Is Good” and in Science Daily: “Altruistic side of aggressive greed” as well as […]

Complex Societies in PNAS

Sergey Gavrilets has a new open-access paper in PNAS, which is getting a great deal of media attention in places like Nature (links below).  The paper is entitled, “War, space, and the evolution of Old World complex societies.” Turchin, P; […]

Impactful research

The most popular paper in the Quarterly Review of Biology over the past three years, based on downloads, is “Homosexuality as a Consequence of Epigenetically Canalized Sexual Development” by Rice, Friberg, and EEB Distinguished Professor Sergey Gavrilets. This paper has […]

NSF Graduate Fellowships – Updated (again)

Five Six current or incoming EEB students were awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships or honorable mentions: Awards: Rachel Fovargue (Armsworth lab) Lauren Breza (Classen lab) Angela Chuang (incoming Riechert lab) Honorable mentions: Brian Looney (Matheny) Katie Massana (Schilling & O’Meara) Quentin […]

Epigenetics and homosexuality

A recent paper by Bill Rice, Urban Fridberg, and UTK EEB faculty member Sergey Gavrilets, proposes that epigenetic factors, the switching on or off of genes by factors other than other genes, may lead to homosexuality. This work arises from […]