Science Article for Borstein

Sam Borstein (O’Meara Lab) is a coauthor on a new article in Science called “A pharyngeal jaw evolutionary innovation facilitated extinction in Lake Victoria cichlids.” This paper looks at how the pharyngeal jaw apparatus in cichlids, widely considered an evolutionary […]

Award for Pfennigwerth

Not only did Alix Pfennigwerth (Schweitzer Lab) win a scholarship to support her travel, lodging and registration to attend the Natural Areas Conference, she received an award while she was there! Pfennigwerth won “best student oral presentation” at the conference […]

Scholarship for Pfennigwerth

Alix Pfennigwerth (Schweitzer Lab) was awarded a Natural Areas Association Student Scholarship to fund her travel, lodging and registration to attend the Natural Areas Conference in Little Rock Arkansas, Nov 3-5, 2015.  She will present results from her EEB Master’s […]

EEB: A Great Place for a PhD

We keep track of where our PhD students go after they graduate, and we’re proud of what we see!  After five years post-graduation, 57% are tenure-track faculty, and 17% are in government jobs (EPA, etc.).  Others are in non-tenure-track teaching […]

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AmNat paper for Marion

Graduate student Zach Marion (Fitzpatrick lab) has a new paper out in American Naturalist with Jim Fordyce and Ben Fitzpatrick called “Extending the concept of diversity partitioning to characterize phenotypic complexity.”   Congratulations!

DOE Award for Looney

Brian Looney (Matheny Lab) has been awarded a US Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Award for his project “From saprotrophy to symbiosis: comparative genomics and functional diversity of a diverse ectomycorrhizal lineage in the Populus mycorrhizome […]

Two Awards for Chuang

Angela Chuang (Riechert Lab) has recently received awards from both the American Philosophical Society AND the National Geographic Society Young Explorer program to fund her field work in South Africa and Cuba.  Congratulations Angela!