EEB Grad Students going to Sweden

Graduate students Jeremiah Henning (Classen Lab) and Quentin Read (Sanders Lab) were just invited to participate in the Boreal Forest Ecology Course in Sweden. The course, led by David Wardle at SLU ( is competitive to get into and attracts […]

NSF Graduate Fellowships – Updated (again)

Five Six current or incoming EEB students were awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships or honorable mentions: Awards: Rachel Fovargue (Armsworth lab) Lauren Breza (Classen lab) Angela Chuang (incoming Riechert lab) Honorable mentions: Brian Looney (Matheny) Katie Massana (Schilling & O’Meara) Quentin […]

Identifying bat fuel

PhD student Jennifer Krauel (a Gary McCracken student) was recently funded by Bat Conservation International for her project, “Identifying insect communities fueling bat migration in an agriculturally important area”. Her project involves high throughput sequencing of bat guano to identify […]