Gavrilets Paper in Nature Communications

Sergey Gavrilets recently had paper on “altruistic bullies” come out in Nature Communications: The work has been discussed in Time Magazine: “Science Proves It: Greed Is Good” and in Science Daily: “Altruistic side of aggressive greed” as well as […]

Hollingsworth et al. Article

A new paper by Hollingsworth et al. has come out in BMC Evolutionary Biology that provides the most complete phylogeny to date of North American minnows.   Hollingsworth, P.R. Jr., A.M. Simons, J.A. Fordyce, and C.D. Hulsey. 2013. Explosive diversification following […]

Cichlids in Science

A recent paper that Ben Keck and Darrin Hulsey of UTK co-authored was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B and written about in the journal Science: Link to the open access publication:

Boyer Science paper

Alison Boyer, a new Research Assistant Professor in EEB, just published a paper in last week’s issue of Science. The Evolution of Maximum Body Size of Terrestrial MammalsFelisa A. Smith, Alison G. Boyer, James H. Brown, Daniel P. Costa, Tamar […]