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All Seminars will start at 3:30 p.m., Room 307 in the Science & Engineering Bldg. Attendees are invited to an informal pre-talk reception at 3:00 p.m. in Room 568, Dabney Hall.

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Spring 2014

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
10-Jan Ben Auerbach UT, Anthropology Ecogeography, genetics, and the evolution of human body form (Abstract) Gilchrist
17-Jan Jim Grace USGS Looking at Ecological Systems Through the Lens of Causal Networks (Poster) Graduate Students
24-Jan Rafael Zenni UT, EEB From global trade to genes: Searching for drivers of biological invasions (Poster) Simberloff
31-Jan Jennifer Talbot Stanford University From hyphae to mycobiomes: a continental-scale look at form and function of soil fungal communities (Abstract)
7-Feb Sara Kuebbing UT, EEB Impacts and Implications of Co-occurring Invasive Plant Species (Poster) Simberloff
14-Feb Carri LeRoy Evergreen State College Bringing science and nature into prisons: The Sustainability in Prisons Project (Abstract) Bailey
21-Feb Graduate Students UT, EEB Graduate research-grad recruitment weekend
28-Feb Joe Hughes UT, EEB A 30-Year Census of Forest Disturbance (Poster)
7-Mar Butch Brodie University of Virginia Time to change the channel: Predator-Prey Arms Races and the Evolution of Tetrodotoxin Resistance in Snakes (Abstract) Graduate Students
14-Mar Randy Swaty The Nature Conservancy The Nature Conservancy’s North America Science Team (Poster) Bailey
21-Mar NO SEMINAR (Spring Break)
28-Mar Ruth Shaw University of Minnesota Investigating the capacity for adaptation in natural populations (Poster)
4-Apr Rodolfo Dirzo Stanford University Tropical defaunation and the local co-extinction of ecological processes (Poster)
11-Apr Keith Clay Indiana University Soil pathogens and temperate forest diversity (Poster) Schweitzer
Michael Donoghue Yale University Viburnum evolution turned upside down (and why the details matter) (Poster) O’Meara
25-Apr Dave Wagner Northern Arizona University The three great plague pandemics and the worldwide dissemination of plague: Insights from contemporary and ancient DNA studies (Poster)

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