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Current Seminars

Spring 2021

Date Speaker Title Host
January 22 Anna Traveset The role of vertebrate pollination on island ecosystems Williams
January 29 Lydia Olander Linking People and Nature: the story of the National Ecosystem Services Partnership Armsworth
February 5 Shawn Krosnick Nectaromania in Passifloraceae: summarizing our current understanding of extrafloral nectaries in a morphologically challenging lineage Budke
February 12 Wellington Muchero A single protein domain modulates immune signaling mediating organismal interactions in diverse eukaryotic ecosystems Schweitzer
February 19 Graduate Student Talks
February 26 Shannon LaDeau Socio-ecological drivers of mosquito ecology and associated risk in temperate cities Blum
March 5 Hanna Kokko What do dead huias and living coucals have in common? Gavrilets
March 12 Shelby Scott Quantitative methods of modeling the epidemic spread of gun crime Gross
March 19 Andrea Sequeira The asexual road to success: Unveiling the advantages of invasive parthenogenetic weevil species through transcriptomics O’Meara
March 26 Sydney Glassman TBA Kivlin
April 9 Denise Phillips Citizen Science and Sustainability in the Enlightenment Bailey
April 16 Kabir Peay From the rhizosphere to the biosphere:  microbes, mutualism and the structure of terrestrial ecosystems Kivlin
April 23 Athmanathan Senthilnathan Ecological consequences of heritable intraspecific variation Gavrilets