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Current Seminars

We have several seminars in Spring 2016 that are not in the standard Friday afternoon time slot.  Therefore, times and locations have been specified for this term.

Spring 2016

Date Time Location Speaker Institution Seminar Title
Thu 21-Jan 3:20-4:20 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Jeremy Beaulieu UT, NIMBioS Linking biological process to evolutionary patterns across flowering plants (poster)
Thu 21-Jan 4:30-5:30 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Xingli Giam University of Washington Conserving freshwater biodiversity in a rapidly changing world (poster)
Mon 25-Jan 3:20-4:20 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Ivalu Cacho Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Understanding drivers of plant diversity through historical and contemporary approaches (poster)
Thu 28-Jan 3:20-4:20 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Ya Yang University of Michigan Next generation plant systematics:  from poinsettias to cacti and carnivorous plants (poster)
Thu 28-Jan 4:30-5:30 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Orou Gaoue University of Hawaii at Manoa Heterogeneity and plant population response to forest resources harvest (poster)
Mon 01-Feb 3:20-4:20 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Jessica Budke UC Davis Connecting with Biodiversity Collections:Structure–Function Relationships and Morphological Evolution in Mosses (poster)
Mon 01-Feb 4:30-5:30 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Vanessa Hull Michigan State University Pandas, People, and the Planet (poster)
Thu 04-Feb 3:20-4:20 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Karen Alofs University of Toronto Freshwater conservation ecology: climate change and fish communities.
Thu 04-Feb 4:30-5:30 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Brad Ruhfel Eastern Kentucky University From the field to the phylogeny: phylogenetic and biogeographic approaches to understanding plant diversity.
Mon 15-Feb 3:20-4:20 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Elizabeth Derryberry Tulane University Ecological drivers of song diversification in birds (poster)
Mon 15-Feb 4:30-5:30 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Justin Kitzes UC Berkeley Spatial ecology in human-altered landscapes: Understanding and predicting the effects of global change on ecological communities (poster)
Mon 22-Feb 3:20-4:20 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Nicole Creanza Stanford University The evolution of learned behaviors: insights from birds and humans (poster)
Mon 22-Feb 4:30-5:30 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Eben Broadbent University of Alabama Ecology and conservation across spatial and temporal scales (poster)
Mon 29-Feb 3:20-4:20 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Cristina Ledon-Rettig Indiana University Developmental Evolution in Context: Environment, Sex and Symbionts (poster)
Mon 29-Feb 4:30-5:30 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Cory Merow University of Connecticut Making the most of imperfect data: Inferring mechanism by linking regional forecasts to population and community dynamics in a changing world (poster)
Thu 3-Mar 3:20-4:20 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Caglar Akcay Virginia Tech Bluffers and Strong, Silent Types:
The Role of Personality in the Evolution of Honest Signaling in Song Sparrows (poster)
Thu 3-Mar 4:30-5:30 Alumni Mem Bldg Rm 27 Monica Papes Oklahoma State University Climate, Invasive Species, and Land Use as Drivers of Biodiversity Distribution (poster)
Fri 1-Apr 3:30-4:30 307 SERF Jason Kolbe University of Rhode Island City slickers:  ecological and behavioral responses of Anolis lizards to urban environments (poster)
Wed 6-Apr 1:30-2:30 575 Dabney Marisol Sánchez-García EEB, UT, Matheny Lab Exit Seminar: Systematics, diversity and evolution of the suborder Tricholomatineae (Agaricales) (poster)
Wed 6-Apr 5:00-6:00 427 Hesler Whitaker Hoskins EEB, UT, Small Lab Master’s Defense: Using phylogenetics to understand the evolutionary relationships of polyploids in Hibiscus L. section Furcaria (poster)
Fri 8-Apr 3:30-4:30 307 SERF Ana Jo Auerbach EEB, UT, Schussler Lab Exit Seminar: How a Vision and Change reform of introductory biology improves faculty perceptions and use of active learning (poster)
Fri 15-Apr 3:30-4:30 307 SERF Jessica Moore EEB, UT, Classen Lab Exit Seminar: Divergent effects of
mycorrhizal roots and fungi on ecosystem processes (poster)
Fri 22-Apr 3:30-4:30 Dabney 488 Poster Session  EEB, UT Undergraduate Research Symposium (poster; participants)
Thu 28-Apr 3:30-4:30 104 Haslam Business Bldg. Quentin Read EEB, UT Exit Seminar (poster)
Fri 29-Apr 3:30-4:30 307 SERF Wayne Maddison University of British Columbia Reflection on my career pursuing spider phylogeny and character evolution (poster)
Mon 2-May 3:30-4:30 307 SERF Awards Ceremony EEB, UT EEB Departmental Awards
Fri 13-May Cancelled Cancelled Graduation Ceremony EEB, UT Cancelled


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