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Current Seminars

The weekly EEB seminar starts at 3:30 p.m. in 307 SERF (Science & Engineering Building), unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
1/13/2017 [first week of semester; no seminar]
Tuesday 1/17/2017
Mike Blum Tulane University Room 27, Alumni Memorial Bldg.: The socioecology of rodent-borne disease risk in post-Katrina New Orleans (poster). Kimberly Sheldon
1/20/2017 Erika Zavaleta UC Santa Cruz Adapting to changing climates: ecology, conservation and inclusion –  “Women in a changing climate” Haines-Morris seminar series (poster). Jen Schweitzer
1/27/2017 Mary Jane Epps Mary Baldwin College When butterflies beat the birds and the bees: Cryptic specialization in a pollination mutualism (poster). Charlie Kwit
2/3/2017 Arpad Nyari EEB, UT Diversification of Australo-Papuan mangrove avifaunas: there and back again (poster).
2/10/2017 Johanna Varner Colorado Mesa University Pikas Under Fire: American Pika Ecology and Behavior in a Time of Global Change – “Women in a changing climate” Haines-Morris seminar series (poster). Kimberly Sheldon
2/17/2017 Doug Schemske Michigan State University Why are the tropics so diverse? (poster) Susan Kalisz
Thursday 2/23/2017 Kendra McLauchlan Geography, Kansas State University Reconstructing Nutrient Cycling in the Paleorecord to Assess Current Global Changes – “Women in a changing climate” Haines-Morris seminar series.  ***3:40pm, UT Hodges Library, Lindsay Young Auditorium*** (poster)
2/24/2017 Graduate Students EEB, UT Graduate Student Recruitment Weekend
3/3/2017 Ingrid Parker UC Santa Cruz Phylogenetic ecology and disease (poster) Dan Simberloff
3/10/2017 [Friday before spring break; no seminar]
3/17/2017 [spring break; no seminar]
1:00 pm
Brian Looney EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Systematics, phylogeography, and comparative genomics of a diverse clade of ectomycorrhizal fungi (Russulaceae, Russulales) ***Dabney 575*** (poster) Brandon Matheny
2:00 pm
Alix Pfennigwerth EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Plasticity and biotic interactions mediate plant persistence in a changing world ***Dabney 575*** (poster) Jen Schweitzer
3/24/2017 Michael Van Nuland EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of plant-soil feedbacks (poster) Jen Schweitzer
10:00 am
Christine Dumoulin EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Identifying Extinction Risk Patterns in Pollination Networks and Conservation Planning to Reduce the Cost of Management-Necessitated Travel
***Claxton 206*** (poster)
Jen Schweitzer
1:00 pm
Jessica Welch EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Conservation Biology of Bats.
***Dabney 557***
Gary McCracken
Dan Simberloff
3/31/2017 Sara Brownell Arizona State University Hidden inequities in active learning classrooms: How groups of students are differentially impacted by active learning (poster) Beth Schussler
Monday 4/3/2017
9:00 am
Kathryn Massana EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Using Phylogenetic Comparative Methods To Understand Diversification and Geographic Range Evolution ***Dabney 575*** (poster) Brian O’Meara
Thursday 4/6/2017
4:00 pm
Jeremiah Henning EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Biotic and abiotic drivers of plant symbionts determine plant performance, the maintenance of diversity, and response to global change ***Buehler 415*** (poster) Aimée Classen
4/7/2017 Leigh Moorhead EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Effects of rodents on ecosystem structure and function (poster) Aimée Classen
4/14/2017 [spring recess; no seminar]
4/21/2017 Rachel Fovargue EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Conservation choices: Designing and buying protection (poster) Paul Armsworth
4/28/2017 Cassie Dresser EEB, UT Exit Seminar: A tiny turtle tale: Conservation of North America’s smallest turtle (poster) Ben Fitzpatrick


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