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Current Seminars

The weekly EEB seminar starts at 3:30 p.m. in 307 SERF (Science & Engineering Building), unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
8/25/2017 [first week of semester; no seminar]
9/1/2017 Joshua Schimel UC Santa Barbara The biogeochemistry of drought (poster) GREBE
9/8/2017 Julie Lockwood Rutgers Can we conserve biodiversity in an increasingly urbanized world? (poster) Echternacht
9/15/2017 Jennifer Mandel University of Memphis Using phylogenomics to resolve The Compositae Tree of Life (poster)  Schilling
9/22/2017 Peter Kennedy University of Minnesota Partner choice in ectomycorrhizal symbioses: A case study using the fungal genus Suillus (poster) Matheny
9/29/2017 Mike Madritch Appalachian State University Remote Sensing of above and belowground processes: Aspen forests and old-fields (poster) Bailey
10/6/2017 [Fall Break; no seminar]
10/13/2017  Morgan Tingley University of Connecticut Charting the spatiotemporal landscape of species’ responses to climate change (poster) Giam
10/20/2017  Katie Marshall University of Oklahoma Mechanisms of freeze tolerance: Lessons from space and time (poster) Sheldon
10/27/2017  Andrew Sih UC Davis Integrating behavioral syndromes (aka animal personalities) with social behavior and ecology (poster) Riechert
11/3/2017  John Wares University of Georgia Sickle cell, sea stars, by the sea shore (poster) Fitzpatrick
11/10/2017  Samantha Price UC Davis Vertebrate macroevolution and the importance of museums, fossils and data-science (poster) O’Meara
11/17/2017  Shu-Mei Chang University of Georgia The causes, consequences and maintenance of variation in sex expression in the wild geranium, Geranium maculatum (poster) Williams
11/24/2017 [Thanksgiving Break; no seminar]
12/1/2017  David Van Dyken University of Miami Eco-evolutionary dynamics in spatially diffusing experimental microcosms (poster) Gilchrist


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