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All Seminars will start at 3:30 p.m., Room 307 in the Science & Engineering Bldg. Attendees are invited to an informal pre-talk reception at 3:00 p.m. in Room 568, Dabney Hall.

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Fall 2015

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
21-Aug Elizabeth Hobson/ Matthew Zefferman NIMBioS Temporal dynamics of attack strategies provide insight into parrot social cognition (Hobson) & The puzzle of sex-biased learning in dolphins and chimpanzees (Zefferman) (poster)
28-Aug Alison Boyer ORNL Trouble in paradise: Ecology and conservation of island birds (poster) Joe Williams
4-Sep Charles Price University of Western Australia Plant architecture and metabolic scaling theory (poster) Gary McCracken
11-Sep Spencer Barrett University of Toronto Reproductive evolution at geographical range limits (poster) Joe Williams
18-Sep Jenny McGuire Georgia Tech How far can they go? Species responses to climate change through time. (abstract) Brian O’Meara
25-Sep Brant Faircloth Louisiana State University Ultraconserved elements: Where do we go now? (poster) Ben Fitzpatrick
2-Oct Paulo Oliveira Universidade Federal de Uberlândia Not rainforests: Cerrado and another face of Brazilian biodiversity (poster) Joe Williams
9-Oct Jenny Knight University of Colorado, Boulder Changing learning by using student ideas to drive instruction (poster) Beth Schussler
16-Oct NO SEMINAR (Fall Break)
23-Oct Megan Frederickson University of Toronto The ecology and evolution of plant-animal mutualisms (poster) Charlie Kwit
30-Oct Nels Johnson/ Jake Ferguson NIMBioS Biogeography of methane consuming bacterial communities across the Great Plains assessed from multiple PCR primer sets (poster)
 6-Nov Sarah Hobbie University of Minnesota Nitrogen effects on decomposition dynamics: Implications for coupling between the changing global carbon and nitrogen cycles (poster) Jen Schweitzer
13-Nov Noah Fierer University of Colorado at Boulder Dust in the wind: the microbial ecology of indoor and outdoor air (poster) Joe Bailey
20-Nov Armin Moczek University of Indiana Conservation, innovation, and the origins of novelty and diversity: case studies on horned beetles (poster) Michael Gilchrist


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