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Past Seminars

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Fall 2017

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
8/25/2017 [first week of semester; no seminar]
9/1/2017 Joshua Schimel UC Santa Barbara The biogeochemistry of drought (poster) GREBE
9/8/2017 Julie Lockwood Rutgers Can we conserve biodiversity in an increasingly urbanized world? (poster) Echternacht
9/15/2017 Jennifer Mandel University of Memphis Using phylogenomics to resolve The Compositae Tree of Life (poster)  Schilling
9/22/2017 Peter Kennedy University of Minnesota Partner choice in ectomycorrhizal symbioses: A case study using the fungal genus Suillus (poster) Matheny
9/29/2017 Mike Madritch Appalachian State University Remote Sensing of above and belowground processes: Aspen forests and old-fields (poster) Bailey
10/6/2017 [Fall Break; no seminar]
10/13/2017  Morgan Tingley University of Connecticut Charting the spatiotemporal landscape of species’ responses to climate change (poster) Giam
10/20/2017  Katie Marshall University of Oklahoma Mechanisms of freeze tolerance: Lessons from space and time (poster) Sheldon
10/27/2017  Andrew Sih UC Davis Integrating behavioral syndromes (aka animal personalities) with social behavior and ecology (poster) Riechert
11/3/2017  John Wares University of Georgia Sickle cell, sea stars, by the sea shore (poster) Fitzpatrick
11/10/2017  Samantha Price UC Davis Vertebrate macroevolution and the importance of museums, fossils and data-science (poster) O’Meara
11/17/2017  Shu-Mei Chang University of Georgia The causes, consequences and maintenance of variation in sex expression in the wild geranium, Geranium maculatum (poster) Williams
11/24/2017 [Thanksgiving Break; no seminar]
12/1/2017  David Van Dyken University of Miami Eco-evolutionary dynamics in spatially diffusing experimental microcosms (poster) Gilchrist

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
1/13/2017 [first week of semester; no seminar]
Tuesday 1/17/2017
Mike Blum Tulane University Room 27, Alumni Memorial Bldg.: The socioecology of rodent-borne disease risk in post-Katrina New Orleans (poster). Kimberly Sheldon
1/20/2017 Erika Zavaleta UC Santa Cruz Adapting to changing climates: ecology, conservation and inclusion – “Women in a changing climate” Haines-Morris seminar series (poster). Jen Schweitzer
1/27/2017 Mary Jane Epps Mary Baldwin College When butterflies beat the birds and the bees: Cryptic specialization in a pollination mutualism (poster). Charlie Kwit
2/3/2017 Arpad Nyari EEB, UT Diversification of Australo-Papuan mangrove avifaunas: there and back again (poster).
2/10/2017 Johanna Varner Colorado Mesa University Pikas Under Fire: American Pika Ecology and Behavior in a Time of Global Change – “Women in a changing climate” Haines-Morris seminar series (poster). Kimberly Sheldon
2/17/2017 Doug Schemske Michigan State University Why are the tropics so diverse? (poster) Susan Kalisz
Thursday 2/23/2017 Kendra McLauchlan Geography, Kansas State University Reconstructing Nutrient Cycling in the Paleorecord to Assess Current Global Changes – “Women in a changing climate” Haines-Morris seminar series. ***3:40pm, UT Hodges Library, Lindsay Young Auditorium*** (poster)
2/24/2017 Graduate Students EEB, UT Graduate Student Recruitment Weekend
3/3/2017 Ingrid Parker UC Santa Cruz Phylogenetic ecology and disease (poster) Dan Simberloff
3/10/2017 [Friday before spring break; no seminar]
3/17/2017 [spring break; no seminar]
1:00 pm
Brian Looney EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Systematics, phylogeography, and comparative genomics of a diverse clade of ectomycorrhizal fungi (Russulaceae, Russulales) ***Dabney 575*** (poster) Brandon Matheny
2:00 pm
Alix Pfennigwerth EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Plasticity and biotic interactions mediate plant persistence in a changing world ***Dabney 575*** (poster) Jen Schweitzer
3/24/2017 Michael Van Nuland EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of plant-soil feedbacks (poster) Jen Schweitzer
10:00 am
Christine Dumoulin EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Identifying Extinction Risk Patterns in Pollination Networks and Conservation Planning to Reduce the Cost of Management-Necessitated Travel
***Claxton 206*** (poster)
Jen Schweitzer
1:00 pm
Jessica Welch EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Conservation Biology of Bats.
***Dabney 557***
Gary McCracken
Dan Simberloff
3/31/2017 Sara Brownell Arizona State University Hidden inequities in active learning classrooms: How groups of students are differentially impacted by active learning (poster) Beth Schussler
Monday 4/3/2017
9:00 am
Kathryn Massana EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Using Phylogenetic Comparative Methods To Understand Diversification and Geographic Range Evolution ***Dabney 575*** (poster) Brian O’Meara
Thursday 4/6/2017
4:00 pm
Jeremiah Henning EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Biotic and abiotic drivers of plant symbionts determine plant performance, the maintenance of diversity, and response to global change ***Buehler 415*** (poster) Aimée Classen
4/7/2017 Leigh Moorhead EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Effects of rodents on ecosystem structure and function (poster) Aimée Classen
4/14/2017 [spring recess; no seminar]
4/21/2017 Rachel Fovargue EEB, UT Exit Seminar: Conservation choices: Designing and buying protection (poster) Paul Armsworth
4/28/2017 Cassie Dresser EEB, UT Exit Seminar: A tiny turtle tale: Conservation of North America’s smallest turtle (poster) Ben Fitzpatrick

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
8/19/2016 [first week of semester; no seminar]
8/26/2016 Sara Branco Université de Paris-Sud Fungal Adaptation: from Communities to Genes (poster) Brandon Matheny
9/2/2016 [seminar moved to 9/23]
9/9/2016 Pam Soltis Florida Museum of Natural History; University of Florida The Evolutionary Consequences of Whole-Genome Duplication (poster) Ed Schilling
9/16/2016 Ben Bolker McMaster University Eco-evolutionary dynamics of virulence: the devil is still in the details (poster) GREBE
9/23/2016 David Frank UT, Philosophy & EEB Biological Diversities and Multiple Values (poster)
1 – 2:30pm Thursday 9/29/2016, Baker Center, Toyota Auditorium Michael Hutchins American Bird Conservancy Energy & Environment Forum: “Wind Energy Development and Wildlife: Are They Compatible?” (poster)
12 – 1pm Friday 9/30/2016, Thompson-Boling Arena Café Jessica Budke UT, EEB UT Science Forum: “Biodiversity Collections: A Record of the Past; A Resource for the Future”
9/30/2016 Nathan Turnbough UT, EEB Exit Seminar Assessing the functional similarity of native and invasive Anolis lizards in Florida (poster)
10/7/2016 [fall break; no seminar]
10/14/2016  TBA
10/21/2016 Claus Wilke The University of Texas at Austin Structural and Functional Constraints on Protein Evolution (poster) Mike Gilchrist
10/28/2016 Brian Husband University of Guelph Polyploidy, phenotypic divergence and speciation: challenging the instantaneous divergence model? (poster) Randy Small
11/4/2016 Mike Hickerson City College of New York Comparative population genomics for inference of community assembly (poster) Mike Gilchrist
11/11/2016 Zach Marion UT, EEB Exit Seminar On the quantification of complexity and diversity from phenotypes to ecosystems (poster)

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Institution Seminar Title
Thu 21-Jan Jeremy Beaulieu UT, NIMBioS Linking biological process to evolutionary patterns across flowering plants (poster)
Thu 21-Jan Xingli Giam University of Washington Conserving freshwater biodiversity in a rapidly changing world (poster)
Mon 25-Jan Ivalu Cacho Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Understanding drivers of plant diversity through historical and contemporary approaches (poster)
Thu 28-Jan Ya Yang University of Michigan Next generation plant systematics:  from poinsettias to cacti and carnivorous plants (poster)
Thu 28-Jan Orou Gaoue University of Hawaii at Manoa Heterogeneity and plant population response to forest resources harvest (poster)
Mon 01-Feb Jessica Budke UC Davis Connecting with Biodiversity Collections:Structure–Function Relationships and Morphological Evolution in Mosses (poster)
Mon 01-Feb Vanessa Hull Michigan State University Pandas, People, and the Planet (poster)
Thu 04-Feb Karen Alofs University of Toronto Freshwater conservation ecology: climate change and fish communities.
Thu 04-Feb Brad Ruhfel Eastern Kentucky University From the field to the phylogeny: phylogenetic and biogeographic approaches to understanding plant diversity.
Mon 15-Feb Elizabeth Derryberry Tulane University Ecological drivers of song diversification in birds (poster)
Mon 15-Feb Justin Kitzes UC Berkeley Spatial ecology in human-altered landscapes: Understanding and predicting the effects of global change on ecological communities (poster)
Mon 22-Feb Nicole Creanza Stanford University The evolution of learned behaviors: insights from birds and humans (poster)
Mon 22-Feb Eben Broadbent University of Alabama Ecology and conservation across spatial and temporal scales (poster)
Mon 29-Feb Cristina Ledon-Rettig Indiana University Developmental Evolution in Context: Environment, Sex and Symbionts (poster)
Mon 29-Feb Cory Merow University of Connecticut Making the most of imperfect data: Inferring mechanism by linking regional forecasts to population and community dynamics in a changing world (poster)
Thu 3-Mar Caglar Akcay Virginia Tech Bluffers and Strong, Silent Types: The Role of Personality in the Evolution of Honest Signaling in Song Sparrows (poster)
Thu 3-Mar Monica Papes Oklahoma State University Climate, Invasive Species, and Land Use as Drivers of Biodiversity Distribution (poster)
Fri 1-Apr Jason Kolbe University of Rhode Island City slickers:  ecological and behavioral responses of Anolis lizards to urban environments (poster)
Wed 6-Apr Marisol Sánchez-García EEB, UT, Matheny Lab Exit Seminar: Systematics, diversity and evolution of the suborder Tricholomatineae (Agaricales) (poster)
Wed 6-Apr Whitaker Hoskins EEB, UT, Small Lab Master’s Defense: Using phylogenetics to understand the evolutionary relationships of polyploids in Hibiscus L. section Furcaria (poster)
Fri 8-Apr Ana Jo Auerbach EEB, UT, Schussler Lab Exit Seminar: How a Vision and Change reform of introductory biology improves faculty perceptions and use of active learning (poster)
Fri 15-Apr Jessica Moore EEB, UT, Classen Lab Exit Seminar: Divergent effects of mycorrhizal roots and fungi on ecosystem processes (poster)
Fri 22-Apr Poster Session  EEB, UT Undergraduate Research Symposium (poster; participants)
Thu 28-Apr Quentin Read EEB, UT Exit Seminar (poster)
Fri 29-Apr Wayne Maddison University of British Columbia Reflection on my career pursuing spider phylogeny and character evolution (poster)
Mon 2-May Awards Ceremony EEB, UT EEB Departmental Awards
Fri 13-May Graduation Ceremony EEB, UT Cancelled

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
21-Aug Elizabeth Hobson/ Matthew Zefferman NIMBioS Temporal dynamics of attack strategies provide insight into parrot social cognition (Hobson) & The puzzle of sex-biased learning in dolphins and chimpanzees (Zefferman) (poster)
28-Aug Alison Boyer ORNL Trouble in paradise: Ecology and conservation of island birds (poster) Joe Williams
4-Sep Charles Price University of Western Australia Plant architecture and metabolic scaling theory (poster) Gary McCracken
11-Sep Spencer Barrett University of Toronto Reproductive evolution at geographical range limits (poster) Joe Williams
18-Sep Jenny McGuire Georgia Tech How far can they go? Species responses to climate change through time. (abstract) Brian O’Meara
25-Sep Brant Faircloth Louisiana State University Ultraconserved elements: Where do we go now? (poster) Ben Fitzpatrick
2-Oct Paulo Oliveira Universidade Federal de Uberlândia Not rainforests: Cerrado and another face of Brazilian biodiversity (poster) Joe Williams
9-Oct Jenny Knight University of Colorado, Boulder Changing learning by using student ideas to drive instruction (poster) Beth Schussler
16-Oct NO SEMINAR (Fall Break)
23-Oct Megan Frederickson University of Toronto The ecology and evolution of plant-animal mutualisms (poster) Charlie Kwit
30-Oct Nels Johnson/ Jake Ferguson NIMBioS Biogeography of methane consuming bacterial communities across the Great Plains assessed from multiple PCR primer sets (poster)
 6-Nov Sarah Hobbie University of Minnesota Nitrogen effects on decomposition dynamics: Implications for coupling between the changing global carbon and nitrogen cycles (poster) Jen Schweitzer
13-Nov Noah Fierer University of Colorado at Boulder Dust in the wind: the microbial ecology of indoor and outdoor air (poster) Joe Bailey
20-Nov Armin Moczek University of Indiana Conservation, innovation, and the origins of novelty and diversity: case studies on horned beetles (poster)

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
9-Jan Mike Wade Indiana University The evolutionary genetics of interactions: run-away cooperation and self-limiting conflict (poster)
16-Jan Beth Leger University of Nevada, Reno Practical applications of contemporary evolution (poster)
23-Jan Gary McCracken UT, EEB Wie Schnell Fliegt Eine Fledermaus? (poster)
30-Jan Bruce Hungate Northern Arizona University Frontiers in Microbial Ecology (poster)
6-Feb Kevin Rice UC Davis Plant adaptation to drought in California Oak Savannas (poster)
13-Feb Matt Wallenstein Colorado State University From Global Change Effects on Microbes to Microbial Effects on the Globe:  A Personal Journey (poster)
20-Feb Graduate Students UT, EEB Cassie Dresser, Jenn Bosco, Ian Ware, Anna Jo Auerbach, Quentin Read, Sharon Clemmensen, and Zach Marion (poster)
27-Feb SEMINAR CANCELLED (Inclement Weather)
6-Mar Kiona Ogle Arizona State University Variation in tree functional traits and implications for tree growth and mortality (poster)
13-Mar Riley Bernard UT, EEB Bats and Disease:  Behavioral and Community Responses of Southern Bat Populations during the White-nose Syndrome Epizootic (poster)
20-Mar NO SEMINAR (Spring Break)
27-Mar Jessica Blois UC Merced Community ecology in a changing environment: perspectives from the Quaternary (poster)
3-Apr NO SEMINAR (Spring Recess)
10-Apr Austin Milt UT, EEB Conservation oriented shale gas planning (poster) (video of talk on YouTube)
17-Apr Jeanine Cavender-Bares University of Minnesota Biogeography, introgression and adaptation in the American live oaks: implications for conservation on a changing planet (poster)
24-Apr Alex Buerkle University of Wyoming The multifaceted and variable distribution of genetic variation near the species level (poster)

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
22-Aug Mary Klein NatureServe NatureServe: How Science and Technology Inform Conservation Decisions (abstract)  Armsworth
29-Aug NO SEMINAR (Labor Day Weekend)
5-Sep Alison Buchan UT, Microbiology Virus-Bacteria Interactions and Ocean Biogeochemistry (poster)
12-Sep Sean Schaffer UT, Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science Soil microbial C and N cycling in tundra ecosystems: responses to environment and climate (poster)
19-Sep Clara Pregitzer NYC Parks Department The ecological complexity of human altered landscapes. Building  a framework for forest restoration in New York City (poster)  Bailey
26-Sep Lance Price George Washington University Superbug Ecology  Bailey
3-Oct Jerry Tuscan ORNL Rich genomics resources facilitate discovery of cryptic gene function in Populus
10-Oct Jay Lennon Indiana University Microbial seed banks: the ecological and evolutionary significance of dormancy (poster)  Schweitzer
17-Oct NO SEMINAR (Fall Break)
24-Oct Jennifer Forbey Boise State University Molecular mechanisms and ecological consequences of eating toxic plants (poster)  Bailey
31-Oct Craig Benkman University of Wyoming Explorations of species interactions & their evolution (poster)  Bailey
7-Nov Brian O’Meara UT, EEB Developing and applying tools to answer outstanding biological questions using phylogenies (Tenure talk; poster)
14-Nov Marc Cadotte University of Toronto Phylogenies in ecology: is it helping? (poster)  Drake
28-Nov NO SEMINAR (Thanksgiving Break; Term ends Dec. 2)

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
10-Jan Ben Auerbach UT, Anthropology Ecogeography, genetics, and the evolution of human body form (Abstract) Gilchrist
17-Jan Jim Grace USGS Looking at Ecological Systems Through the Lens of Causal Networks (Poster) Graduate Students
24-Jan Rafael Zenni UT, EEB From global trade to genes: Searching for drivers of biological invasions (Poster) Simberloff
31-Jan Jennifer Talbot Stanford University From hyphae to mycobiomes: a continental-scale look at form and function of soil fungal communities (Abstract)
7-Feb Sara Kuebbing UT, EEB Impacts and Implications of Co-occurring Invasive Plant Species (Poster) Simberloff
14-Feb Carri LeRoy Evergreen State College Bringing science and nature into prisons: The Sustainability in Prisons Project (Abstract) Bailey
21-Feb Graduate Students UT, EEB Graduate research-grad recruitment weekend
28-Feb Joe Hughes UT, EEB A 30-Year Census of Forest Disturbance (Poster)
7-Mar Butch Brodie University of Virginia Time to change the channel: Predator-Prey Arms Races and the Evolution of Tetrodotoxin Resistance in Snakes (Abstract) Graduate Students
14-Mar Randy Swaty The Nature Conservancy The Nature Conservancy’s North America Science Team (Poster) Bailey
21-Mar NO SEMINAR (Spring Break)
28-Mar Ruth Shaw University of Minnesota Investigating the capacity for adaptation in natural populations (Poster)
4-Apr Rodolfo Dirzo Stanford University Tropical defaunation and the local co-extinction of ecological processes (Poster)
11-Apr Keith Clay Indiana University Soil pathogens and temperate forest diversity (Poster) Schweitzer
Michael Donoghue Yale University Viburnum evolution turned upside down (and why the details matter) (Poster) O’Meara
25-Apr Dave Wagner Northern Arizona University The three great plague pandemics and the worldwide dissemination of plague: Insights from contemporary and ancient DNA studies (Poster)

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Fall 2013

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
23-Aug Rebecca Benner The Nature Conservancy Water Funds: Investing in Watershed Conservation to Benefit Both People & Nature Armsworth
30-Aug Chris Schadt Oak Ridge National Laboratory Dissecting the Factors Shaping the Composition and Function of the Root-Associated Microbiome of Populus species
6-Sep Claudio Casola St. Louis University Interlocus gene conversion, genome evolution and human disease Gilchrist
13-Sep Erik Sotka College of Charleston Diffuse coevolutionary arms races among plants and herbivores in the sea
20-Sep Chris Nice Texas State University Biodiversity in a hierarchical world: what can population genomics tell us Fordyce
27-Sep Denise Dearing University of Utah Bailey
4-Oct Beth Schussler UT, EEB Biology instruction in a time of change
11-Oct Brandon Matheney UT, EEB An age of discovery: biodiversity and evolution of ectomycorrhizal clades of fungi
18-Oct No Speaker (Fall Break)
25-Oct Darrin Hulsey UT, EEB Chimeric evolution and the diversification of cichlid fishes
1-Nov Emily Austin UT, EEB Wood decomposition in a warmer world
8-Nov Gordon Burghardt UT, EEB
15-Nov Josh Lawler University of Washington Will animals be able to track projected changes in climate? Armsworth
22-Nov Jen Lau Michigan State University Species interactions in a changing world: Evolutionary consequences of global change
29-Nov No Speaker (Thanksgiving Break, then End of Term)

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
11-Jan Ivan Erill University of Maryland, Baltimore City Mike Gilchrist
18-Jan Ines Ibáñez University of Michigan Biotic interactions and tree range expansion: Can plant-soil feedbacks act as a selective force during establishment of species tracking climate change? GREBE
25-Jan Larry McKay UT Germs & Geology GREBE
1-Feb Adam Ruben Sanaria, Inc. Whole Sporozoite Vaccines for Eradication of Malaria GREBE
8-Feb Kristen Hawkes University of Utah Grandmothering and human evolution Kelly Rooker, Mauricio, Ivan Juric
15-Feb Rich Norby ORNL From tundra to tropics and points in between: providing data for climate change models. Aimee Classen & Nate Sanders
22-Feb Grad Student Recruitment Weekend UT TBD GREBE
1-Mar Todd Palmer University of Florida The community ecology of mutualism: ants, plants and elephants in east africa. Nate Sanders
8-Mar Ryan Earley University of Alabama Phenotypic variation and plasticity in a self-fertilizing hermaphroditic vertebrate. Darrin Hulsey
15-Mar Susan Mopper University of Louisiana Down in the Bayou – Ecological Interactions in Coastal Louisiana Dan Simberloff
22-Mar No Speaker (Spring Break)
29-Mar No Speaker (Spring Recess)
5-Apr Andrew Hendry McGill University Selection and gene flow fist-fight in nature Jen Schweitzer
12-Apr Katie Stuble UT Ant Community Dynamics and the Effects of Global Warming
19-Apr Mauricio Gonzalez-Forero UT Evolution of manipulated behavior.
26-Apr Dylan Dittrich-Reed UT Roles of host hybridization and symbiont admixture on adaptation and diversification.

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Fall 2012

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
24-Aug Melissa Cregger UTK Microbial community structure and ecosystem function in a changing world
31-Aug Tracy Langkilde Penn State Mechanisms and consequences of adaptive responses to invasive species S. Echternacht
7-Sep Angelica Gonzalez U. British Columbia Ecological stoichiometry of communities and ecosystems A. Classen / N. Sanders
14-Sep Rick Lankau U Georgia Taking the long view of species invasions: ecological and evolutionary responses throughout an invasion history J. Bailey
21-Sep Paul Armsworth UTK The Design of Incentive Payment Programs for Biodiversity Conservation
28-Sep Rick Ree The Field Museum The evolution and ecology of floral diversity in Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae) B. Matheny
5-Oct David Post Yale The tail of two fish: importance of intraspecific variation for community and ecosystem ecology J. Schweitzer
19-Oct 9:00 am seminar Dave Tilman U. Minnesota Biodiversity: From Evolutionary Origins to Ecosystem Functioning Paul Armsworth
26-Oct Allen Moore U Georgia Quantitative to Molecular Genetics of Parenting C. Boake
2-Nov Noelia Barrios UTK Multi-level impacts of introduced wild boar on Patagonian ecosystems D. Simberloff
9-Nov Joshua Weitz Georgia Tech TBA M. Gilchrist
16-Nov Jen Schweitzer UTK TBA
30-Nov Mariano Rodriguez-Cabal UTK Biological invasions disrupt mutualisms and disassemble communities Nate Sanders

Spring 2012

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
20-Jan Sean Doody Monash University Ecology of cane toads Echternacht
27-Jan Lisa Grubisha Centre College Host, geography, and climate change effects on the population structure of the Populus-associated ectomycorrhizal fungus, Tricholoma populinum Matheny
3-Feb Emily Moran NIMBioS Responses to environmental change in plants
10-Feb Jennifer DeBruyn UTK Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science Environmental microbiology
17-Feb Justin Boyles UTK, EEB Adaptive thermoregulation in endotherms
24-Feb Emily Austin, Romina Dimarco, TBA UTK, EEB Graduate research-grad recruitment weekend
2-Mar Mike Sanderson University of Arizona Tree of Life O’Meara
9-Mar Emmi Felker-Quinn UTK, EEB PhD Exit Seminar Invasive species dynamics
16-Mar Michael Kinnison University of Maine Evolution in the fast lane Hulsey
23-Mar No Seminar – Spring Break
30-Mar Tad Fukami Stanford University Historical contingency in community assembly GREBE
6-Apr No Seminar – Spring Recess
13-Apr Erik Hobbie University of NewHampshire C/N cycling in forests Classen
20-Apr Kathleen Treseder University of California-Irvine Fungi and ecosystem response to global change Classen & Matheny
27-Apr EEB Awards Ceremony UTK, EEB Departmental awards McCracken

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Fall 2011

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
26-Aug Colin Sumrall U. of Tennessee, Knoxville Early Paleozoic fossils: the key to recovering the echinoderm tree-of-life Brian O’Meara
2-Sept Lauren Buckley U. of North Carolina Functional approaches to ecological forecasting for lizards and butterflies Nate Sanders
9-Sept Scott Freeman U. of Washington Evidence-based teaching in introductory biology Beth Schussler and Brandon Matheny
16-Sept Len Nunney U. of California, Riverside The evolution of cancer suppression Mike Gilchrist
23-Sept Patricia Brennan U. of Massachussetts, Amherst Sexual conflict and genital evolution Susan Riechert
7-Oct Kelly Dyer U. of Georgia Consequences of genetic conflict in Drosophila Francisco Ubeda
14-Oct Vladimir Dinets U. of Tennessee, Knoxville Making of a hit: How to succeed in songwriting if you are a crocodile? Gordon Burghardt
21-Oct Annette Engel U. of Tennessee, Knoxville Evidence for a non-terrigenous food web base in the Edwards Aquifer, Central Texas Brian O’Meara
28-Oct Justin Blumenstiel U. of Kansas The epigenetics and evolution of genome defense by piRNA in Drosophila Taylor Feild
4-Nov Liang Liu U. of Georgia A Bayesian model for gene-content evolution Brian O’Meara
11-Nov Aimee Classen U. of Tennessee, Knoxville Ecosystem response and reorganization in the face of global change Aimee Classen
29-Nov (8:30 am, Dabney 575) Audra Galasso U. of Tennessee, Knoxville Exit seminar Audra Galasso

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
14-Jan Joan Herbers The Ohio State University Haines-Morris 1: Coevolution in a social context: ants and their parasites Sanders
21-Jan, 10:10 am, Dabney 575 Jon Shik University of Oklahoma The importance of size in ants Sanders
21-Jan Ken Kozak University of Minnesota Haines-Morris 2: Evolutionary and ecological insights on the origin and fate of large-scale gradients in salamander richness Fitzpatrick
28-Jan Virginia Dale ORNL Lessons from 30 years of ecological recovery at Mount St. Helens Armsworth
4-Feb Hazel Barton Northern Kentucky University White-Nose Syndrome: A Microbiologist’s Prospective Hallam
11-Feb Catherine Graham Stony Brook University Haines-Morris 3:Phylogenetic structure in tropical hummingbird assemblages Sanders
18-Feb Erika Edwards Brown University Haines-Morris 4: A phylogenetic perspective on the ecology and evolution of C4 photosynthesis in plants Matheny
25-Feb Beth Schussler UTK, EEB New Realities of College Science Teaching Schussler
2-Mar, 11 am, Hesler 427 Kay Holekamp Michigan State University Roles of selection and constraint in the evolution of sex-role reversed traits O’Meara
25-Mar Mackenzie Taylor EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Williams
1-Apr, 10:10 am, 575 Dabney Lauren Wilmoth EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Fordyce
1-Apr Kailen Mooney University of California Sanders
8-Apr, 10:10 am, 575 Dabney Matt Niemiller EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Fitzpatrick
8-Apr Graham Reynolds EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Fitzpatrick
15-Apr Premal Shah EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Gilchrist
25-Apr (Monday) Jennifer Hughes-Martiny University of California, Irvine Haines-Morris 5 Buchan
29-Apr EEB Awards Ceremony McCracken

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Fall 2010

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
20-Aug JP Lessard EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Linking ecology and evolutionary biology: the role
of biotic interactions; abiotic gradients and evolutionary history in
shaping the structure of antcommunities (download PDF
27-Aug Michael Lawton EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar Waves, Flows, and Rubble: Tropical Montane Cloudforest
Dynamics (download PDF flyer)
3-Sep Jean Brennan Defenders
of Wildlife
Small spores and big spaces: molecular markers
unravel the evolutionary history of an important basidiomycete plant
pathogen, Armillaria mellea. (download
PDF flyer
10-Sep Karen
University of Maryland Using Opsin Genes to See Through the Eyes of a Fish
(download PDF flyer)
17-Sep Sarah Bergemann Middle Tennessee
Small Spores and Big Spaces: Molecular Markers Unravel
the Evolutionary History of an Important Basidiomycete Plant Pathogen,
Armillaria mellea (download
PDF flyer
24-Sep Rebecca McCulley University of Kentucky Response of a Fungal Endophyte-grass Symbiosis to
Climate Change: Effects on Ecosystem Dynamics (download
PDF flyer
1-Oct Ben Fitzpatrick EEB, UTK – Tenure &Promotion Seminar Hybridization and the Species Problem in Evolution
and Conservation (download
PDF flyer
8-Oct Fall Break – No Seminar
15-Oct Duncan Irschick University of
The Evolution of Animal Performance: From Microevolution
toMacroevolution (download
PDF flyer
22-Oct Riki Ott co-Director of Ultimate Civics Oil Spill Impact: People, Ecology, Communities (download
PDF flyer
29-Oct Don Strong UC Davis The Ecological and Evolutionary Misadventures of
Invasive Spartina (download
PDF flyer
5-Nov Tom Hallam EEB, UTK White Nose Syndrome: A Contemporary Epizootic Tragedy
for Bats (download PDF flyer)
12-Nov TBA
19-Nov Antonis Rokas Vanderbilt University TBA O’Meara
26-Nov No Seminar -UT Closed (Thanksgiving Break)
3-Dec James Clark Duke University TBA Classen

Spring 2010

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
15-Jan Jim Drake EEB, UTK – Faculty Member Creating and manipulating emergence … of the hard kind Echternacht
22-Jan Jim Bever Indiana University Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics of the Mycorrhizal Mutualism Schweitzer
29-Jan Duncan Irschick University of Massachusetts, Amherst Animal athletics: From microevolution to macroevolution Pruitt
5-Feb Randy Brewton, Stan Guffey, Susan Riechert Members of EEB & BIO, UTK Passing Gas: What we learned at The National Academies & HHMI Summer Institute Riechert
12-Feb Brad Shaffer University of California, Davis Deep phylogeny, recent speciation, and the conservation genetics of turtles Fitzpatrick
19-Feb Patrick Hudson EEB, UTK – MS Seminar Early vessel evolution and diversification in wood function-Insights from Malagasy Canellales Feild
26-Feb Mark Lewis NIMBioS Guest Plagued by numbers: Mathematics of emerging wildlife diseases and their interactions with human activities Armsworth
5-Mar Shakunthala Sridhara University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore, India An overview of agricultural problems with vertebrates in India Burghardt
12-Mar Spring Break – No Seminar
19-Mar Marc Johnson North Carolina State University The ecological and evolutionary consequences of plant sex Schweitzer, Bailey
26-Mar Matt Forister University of Nevada, Reno TBA Fordyce
2-Apr UT Closed for Spring Recess – No Seminar
9-Apr Stan Faeth University of North Carolina, Greensboro Asexual endophytes: tiny partners with big effects Simberloff
16-Apr Arijana Barun EEB, UTK – PhD Seminar The small Indian mongoose (Herpestes auropunctatus) on Adriatic Islands: impact, control, and evolution Simberloff
23-Apr Jim Collins Arizona State University TBA Fitzpatrick
30-Apr Brian Beckage NIMBioS Guest TBA Armsworth

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Fall 2009

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
21-Aug Amy Turmelle Ph.D Exit Seminar Ecology & Evolutionary Biology – UTK Ecological and evolutionary factors affecting rabies virus infection in two colonialinsectivorous bats McCracken
28-Aug Patrick Danley Baylor University The Genetics of Reproductive Isolation: Ongoing and Thrilling Studies of AfricanCichlids & Hawaiian Crickets Hulsey
4-Sep Mike Lynch Indiana University Mutation and Evolution Gilchrist
11-Sep Michael Tobler Texas A & M A fishy story from a stinky cave: How selection along environmental gradients can lead to adaptation and speciation Hulsey
18-Sep Adam Langley Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Villanova University How to hold ground with high water: tidal marsh response to global change Schweitzer
25-Sep Taylor Feild Tenure & Promotion Seminar Ecology & Evolutionary Biology – UTK The Green (Grim) Reaper: The Evolution of Leaf Productivity in Angiosperms and Ecophysiological Transformation of Biosphere Function
2-Oct Michael Gilchrist Tenure & Promotion Seminar Ecology & Evolutionary Biology – UTK Defining, Surveying and Mining Codon Usage Adaptive Landscapes for Information on Gene Expression: An Evolutionary Approach to Bioinformatics
9-Oct Gary Graves Smithsonian Institution Macroecological signals of species interactions in the Danish avifauna Simberloff
16-Oct NoSeminar – Fall Break
23-Oct Brad Shaffer University of California – Davis TBA Fitzpatrick
30-Oct Doug Levey University of Florida TBA Sanders
6-Nov Mark Bradford Yale University How does consideration of soil microbial processes influence predictions of ecosystem carbon dynamics? Classen
13-Nov Dan Rabosky University of California – Berkeley Diversification rate, ecological limits, and the variation in species richness among clades and regions Matheny
20-Nov Jennifer Rhode University of North Carolina – Asheville Impacts of floral morphology, breeding system, and phenotypic plasticity on fitness in a hybrid plant complex Classen

Spring 2009

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
16-Jan Chunlei Su Microbiology Dept.-UTK Population genetics of the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii Gilchrist
23-Jan Alison Bennett University of Wisconsin Invasive plants and evolution in the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal-plant mutualism Classen
26-Jan* Kurt Anderson University of California, Riverside TBA Gavrilets
29-Jan ‡ Robin Snyder Case Western University TBA Gross
30-Jan James R. Kahn Washington & Lee Ecological knowledge and management of ecosystems: formation of economic incentives for the protection of biodiversity and other ecosystem services Simberloff
4-Feb* Paul Armsworth
13-Feb TBA
20-Feb Chris Buddle McGill University TBA Sackett
27-Feb Ben Normark University of Massachusetts Phylogeny and evolution of armored scale insects and their unusual genetic systems Ubeda
6-Mar EEB Grad Students EEB-UTK
13-Mar TBA
20-Mar Spring Break
27-Mar Greg Crutsinger EEB-Dissertation Defense Community and ecosystem consequences of genotypic diversity in goldenrod
3-Apr Rachel Goodman EEB-Dissertation Defense How does temperature shape phenotype in the lizard, Anolis carolinensis?
10-Apr Spring Recess
17-Apr Alison Bell University of Illinois Integrating causes and consequences of behavioral syndromes in threespined sticklebacks Fitzpatrick
24-Apr Jason Hoeksema University of Mississippi TBA Classen

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Fall 2008

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
29-Aug Feng Chen Dept. of Plant Sciences, UTK Molecular and genomic basis of insect-induced plant volatiles mediating tritrophic interactions Gilchrist
5-Sep Marie-Anne De Graaf Oak Ridge National Laboratory At the root of soil carbon and nitrogen cycling Classen
12-Sep No Seminar Scheduled
19-Sep Jim Fordyce Dept. of EEB – Tenure & Promotion Seminar Seeing the tips for the trees: The evolutionary signature of chemically-mediated trophic interactions
26-Sep Mike Benard University of Michigan Ecological consequences of natural selection and adaptation Fitzpatrick
3-Oct Ben Keck Dept. of EEB – PhD Exit Seminar Introgression, ancestral polymorphism and undescribed diversity in Nothonotus darters (Teleostei: Percidae)
10-Oct Fall Break
16-Oct Anurag Agrawal Cornell University Phylogenetic tests of plant defense theory Schweitzer
17-Oct Jennifer Thaler Cornell University TBA Schweitzer
24-Oct Dan Simberloff EEB Who’s the father of invasion biology? Darwin vs. Elton vs. SCOPE
31-Oct TBA
7-Nov Joe Williams Dept. of EEB – Tenure & Promotion Seminar Innovations that begot innovations: how flowering plants got their unique reproductive syndrome
14-Nov Andy Gardner University of Edinburgh, UK Capturing the superorganism Ubeda
21-Nov John Gittleman Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia Ecological change of global proportions McCracken

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Spring 2008

Date Speaker Institution Title Host
01/11/08 Harmit Malik Fred Hutchinson Cancer ResearchWashington “Satellite Wars: The Evolutionary Origins of Centromere Complexity” Ubeda
01/17/08 Brandon Matheny Clark University “The Inocybaceae: Insights into Biogeography and Evolution of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi” Hughes
01/24/08 Kentaro Hosaka Field Museum of Natural History “Comparative Biogeography of Two Distantly Related Mushrooms – Hysterangiales and Laccaria” Feild
01/28/08 Terry Henkel Humboldt State “Masting, Meristems, Mycorrhizae and Mulch-Factors Contributing to Forest Dominance in the Guiana Shield” Schilling
01/31/08 Timothy James Uppsala UniversitySweden “Sex and the Single Nucleus: Evolutionary Investigations “ Small
02/08/08 Lacey Knowles University of Michigan “What the Dynamics of Speciation Reveal About a Radiation of Montane Grasshoppers” Fitzpatrick
02/11/08 Aimee Classen Oak Ridge National Laboratory “Biotic and Abiotic Controls on Ecosystem Structure and Function in a Changing World” Williams
02/15/08 Julia Koricheva Royal Holloway UniversityLondon, UK “Tree Diversity and Herbivores: Does Intercropping Work in Forests?” Bailey
02/18/08 Jeri Parrent NSF Postdoctoral Fellow “Plant-Fungal Interactions in a Changing Environment: Linking Phylogenetic and Functional Diversity of Fungal Communities to Soil Carbon Dynamics” Echternacht
02/22/08 EEB Grads Department of Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyUniversity of Tennessee “TBA”
02/25/08 Edward Ayres Colorado State University “Plant-Soil Interactions in a Changing World” Riechert
02/29/08 Jason Leonard Hiwassee College “When, where and how often to mate? Genetic correlations among male and female mating behaviors in the wasp Nasonia Boake
03/06/08 John W. Stiller East Carolina University “Complexities of Gene and Genome Evolution: Challenges To The Unfolding Tree of Life” Williams
03/07/08 Carol Goodwillie East Carolina University “The Effects of Transient Self-Incompatibility on the Dynamics of S-alleles: A Simulation Model and Experimental Test in the Annual Plant Genus, Leptosiphon (Polemoniaceae)” Williams
03/28/08 Brian Inoyue and Nora Underwood Florida State University “Connecting empirical and theoretical population dynamics.Plants and insect herbivores: effects of individual variation on population processes.” Sanders and Crutsinger
04/04/08 Rick Relyea University of Pittsburg “The Impacts of Pesticides on Aquatic Communities: Connections to Global Amphibian Declines?” Gray
04/11/08 Alison Buchan Department of MicrobiologyUniversity of Tennessee “Ecology of the Marine Roseobacter Lineage” Fitzpatrick
04/18/08 John Chase Washington UniversityMissouri “Community Assembly in Space and Time” Sanders
04/25/08 Marcel Rejmanek University of California, Davis “Plant Invasions: Causes and Consequences” Nunez

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