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Elisabeth Schussler

Associate Professor, Director of Biology Teaching and Learning

Research Interest

Undergraduate biology education


1997 - Ph.D., Louisiana State University


Undergraduate biology education and biology GTA professional development

The development of effective educational practices is reliant on empirical data about teaching and student learning; research in my lab employs qualitative and quantitative research methods to collect these data.

The primary research focus of my lab is the creation of undergraduate learning environments that foster meaningful student learning. Although learning environments are organized around specific curricula, the effectiveness of the curriculum is often impacted by the instructor and/or student perception of the instructor. Much of the research in my lab has focused on this interplay between reformed curricula and the instructor and how it affects student learning.

Recent research has focused specifically on biology graduate teaching assistants as instructors in undergraduate classes. Graduate student Denise Kendall conducted several studies highlighting the different perceptions students have of GTAs versus faculty, and how this may impact introductory courses. This line of research led to the creation of an NSF research coordination network (BioTAP) to form a national network focused on GTA professional development in the context of biology graduate education.

The lab is also in the midst of assessing changes, aligned with the recommendations from the Vision and Change report, faculty are making to the introductory biology sequence at UTK.  Supported by an NSF TUES grant, members of the lab are providing curriculum and professional development support, monitoring implementation, and collecting data on student learning and perceptions of learning.


Visit Google Scholar for more publications:

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