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Mike Blum


Research Interest

Aquatic Ecology, Socioecology, Sustainability, Conservation Biology


BA, Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley

PhD, Zoology, Duke University


Dr. Blum works on: (1) the socioecology of disasters and infectious disease; (2) coastal protection and restoration; and (3) conservation and management of freshwater resources on oceanic islands.


Representative publications are listed here.  For more publications, please visit Google Scholar.

  • Blum, M.J., Bagley, M.J., Walters, D.M., Jackson, S., Daniel, B., Chaloud, D. 2012. Genetic diversity and species diversity of stream fishes covary across a land use gradient. Oecologia 168 (1): 83-95
  • Glotzbecker, G., Walters, D.M, Blum, M.J. 2016. Rapid movement and instability of an invasive hybrid swarm. Evolutionary Applications 9(6): 741-755.
  • Haas, T., Blum, M.J., Heins, D.C. 2010. Morphological responses of a stream fish to water impoundment. Biology Letters 6: 803-806.
  • Hogan, J.D., Blum, M.J., Gilliam, J.F., Bickford, N, McIntyre, P.B. 2014. Consequences of alternative dispersal strategies in a putatively amphidromous fish. Ecology 95: 2397-2408.
  • Jarrell, E.R., Kolker, A.S, Campbell, C., Blum, M.J. 2016. Brackish marsh plant community and ecosystem responses to regional precipitation and relative sea level rise. Wetlands 36(4): 607-619.
  • Kandalepas, D., Blum, M.J., Van Bael, S.A. 2015. Shifts in symbiotic endophyte communities in a foundational salt marsh grass following oil exposure from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. PLoS ONE 10(4): e0122378.
  • Lesen, A.E., Rogan, A., Blum, M.J. Science communication through art: objectives, challenges and outcomes. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 31(9): 657-660.
  • Moody, K.N., Hunter, S.N., Childress, M.J., Blob, R.W., Schoenfuss, H.L., Blum, M.J., Ptacek, M.B. 2015. Local adaptation despite high gene flow in the waterfall climbing Hawaiian goby, Sicyopterus stimpsoniMolecular Ecology 24: 545-563.
  • Peterson, C.H., Anderson, S.S., Cherr, G., Ambrose, R., Anghera S., Bay, S., Blum, M.J., Condon, R., Dean, T., Graham, W.M., Guzy, M., Hampton, S., Joye, S., Lambrinos, J., Mate, B., Meffert, D., Powers, S., Somasundaran, P., Spies, R., Taylor, C., Tjeerdema, R.. 2012. A tale of two spills: Novel science and policy implications of an emerging new oil spill model. Bioscience 62: 461–469.
  • Puckett, E.E., Combs, M., Park, J., Blum, M.J., Esther, A., Himsworth, C.G., Lundkvist, Å., McElhinney, L.M., Morand, S., Robins, J., Russell, J., Strand, T.M., Suarez, O., Yon, L., Munshi-South, J. 2016. Global population divergence and admixture of the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus). Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 283(1841): 20161762.
  • Rael, R., Peterson, A., Ghersi Chavez, B., Childs, J., Blum, M.J. Disturbance, reassembly and disease risk in socioecological systems. Ecohealth 13(3): 450-455.
  • Ward, J.L., Blum, M.J. Exposure to an environmental estrogen breaks down sexual isolation between native and invasive species. Evolutionary Applications 5: 901-912.

Contact Information

  • Dabney 485
  • Mailing Address: 569 Dabney Hall, 1416 Circle Dr, Knoxville, TN 37996
  • Phone: 865-974-3010
  • Fax: 865-974-3067
  • E-mail:
  • Lab Website