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Paul Armsworth



2003 – Ph.D., Stanford (Biological Sciences)
2000 – Ph.D., James Cook (Mathematics)


Dr. Armsworth’s research addresses applied questions in conservation as well as process-based questions in ecology and evolution. Research in his group integrates mathematical modeling, statistical analyses, and field surveys to address two questions:

  • How do we design more effective conservation investment strategies; and
  • What are the implications of different dispersal behaviors for population and community dynamics?


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  • Armsworth, P.R. 2014. Inclusion of costs in conservation planning depends on limited data and hopeful assumptions. Annals of the New York Academy of the Sciences: Year in Ecology and Conservation Biology 2014, 1322, 61-76.
  • Dallimer, M., Tinch, D., Hanley, N., Irvine, K.N., Rouquette, J.R., Warren, P.H., Maltby, L., Gaston, K.J., Armsworth, P.R. 2014. Quantifying preferences for the natural world: do monetary and non-monetary methods agree? Conservation Biology, 28, 404-413.
  • Dumoulin, C., McMillan, T., Stoneman, R., Armsworth P.R. 2014 Locating human resources to reduce the cost of managing networks of protected areas. Conservation Letters, in press.
  • Hughes, M.J., Johnson, E.G., Armsworth P.R. 2014. Optimal spatial management of an invasive plant using a model with above- and below-ground components. Biological Invasions, 16, 1009-1020.
  • Iacona, G.D., Price, F.D., Armsworth, P.R. 2014. Predicting the invadedness of protected areas. Diversity and Distributions, 20, 430-439.
  • Kim, T., Cho, S., Larson, E.R., Armsworth, P.R. 2014. Protected are acquisition costs show economies of scale with area. Ecological Economics, in press.
  • Kroetz, K., Sanchirico, J.N., Armsworth P.R., Banzhaf, H.S. 2014. Benefits of the ballot box for species conservation. Ecology Letters, 17, 294-302.
  • Sutton N.J., Armsworth P.R. 2014 The grain of spatially referenced economic cost and biodiversity benefit data determines the apparent effectiveness of a cost targeting strategy. Conservation Biology, in press.

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