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Sergey Gavrilets

Distinguished Professor

Research Interest

Theoretical evolutionary biology


1987 - Ph.D., Moscow State University (USSR)


Depending on the context, I call myself a theoretical evolutionary biologist (most of the time) or an applied mathematician (sometimes). I use mathematical models to study complex evolutionary processes. Over the last several years, my research interests have mostly concentrated on the following major areas: social and cultural evolution, speciation and adaptive radiation, sexual conflict, holey fitness landscapes, and micro-evolutionary processes and macro-evolutionary patterns. I have also studied mathematical models aiming to describe/explain maintenance of genetic variation in natural populations, dynamics of genetic variation under selection, frequency-dependent selection and coevolution, maternal and parental effects, hybrid zones and clines, and spatially heterogeneous selection.


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  • Gavrilets, S. 2004 "Fitness landscapes and the Origin of Species", Princeton Uiversity Press.

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